AlphaWave Images - by Tom Malliaros

Girl @ Morro Fortress

A visit to one of my favourite fortresses built during the Spanish Colonial Era to defend the city of Santiago from pirates and corsairs.

Old Havana Stroll

A stroll through the streets of Old Havana. Baroque style architecture gives you a feel of the splendour of Colonial Style Architecture.

Catedral De L'Habana

Spanish Colonial Cathedral in Old Havana, Cuba. Catedral de l'Habana.

Santiago Centro Painting

Santiago de Cuba Cathedral and Historical Center


Afternoon stroll along the Boardwalk

Fruit Market

Shopping for Guanabana Fruit , Up in the Mountains

Lobster Dinner

Freshly Caught Lobster for Lunch

Santiago Bay

Old Montreal

Soldados a Gran Piedra

Soldiers overlook the coast from on top of a mountain, almost 4000 feet above sea level.

Algonquin Trek

Early morning stroll at Algonquin Park.