AlphaWave Images - by Tom Malliaros

Shades of Vanity

Candid shot that I took of a model that I was working with during my photoshoot. This was not intended to be part of the actual shoot but I just like the pic. Done with minimal available natural light.

Pin Up Style Boudoir

Mixed Pin-Up with Fine Art Nude

Forest Nymph - Fine Art Nude

Forest Nymph - Fine Art Nude. Decided to add some creativity to one of my nude photos.

Curvy Torso

Part of my Female Torso Nude Art Collection

Big Red

Rim Lighting, Nude Torso. Done with lighting and Gels & not with any Post-Production Editing

Mish Glam Nude

Eila Adams

Part of a photo set with Eila Adams from Naked News.

The Muse of Sounion

Get On The Floor

Natural Light Nude.

Violet Boudoir

Boudoir Photo shoot with the beautiful Violet. Violet is a real college girl studying at our university here in Toronto. This is just one photo that is part of an entire set.